We carefully check the granulometry to offer the best of every blend in the cup.

The granulometry’ s control system and the innovative Multistage Grinding System, is possible to optimize the brewing process and maximize the coffee extraction. This working phase limits and modulates the amount of fine powder of coffee in the capsule preserving the best quality of each blend. 

Alternative capsules compatible *Nespresso®* coffee pods, coffee cream, deca, espresso, intenso, longo, organic bio.

*The Nespresso ®* trademark is not the property of Cafe Pure USA LLC. There is no affiliation between Cafe Pure USA LLC and Nespresso Nestle Nespresso S.A , Company of Nestle S.A. and their affiliates. Capsule made with 100% Arabica blend, finest coffees coming from Central and South America. A coffee that turns out be very aromatic, with a pleasant and balanced acidity thanks to a medium roasting process. Aroma of dried nuts can be found together with an acidity that reminds of unsweetened cocoa powder. These are SELF-PRESERVATIVE Capsules that prevent Oxygen Permeation.That helps keep the freshness and the aroma of the coffee over time. ~ Made In Italy~ CAFE PURE USA carefully checks the granulometry to offer the best coffee blend